“Bazaar Royale” – The Marketing Club

Marketing club is acting as a hub for students interested in Marketing through collaboration of our faculty members, management associations, industrial experts and other entities who can enhance knowledge in the field of marketing. The club seeks to offer marketing majors and other students the opportunity to gain a broader, realistic, more practically oriented exposure to marketing activities. These experiences enhance and augment the material being presented in the classroom. It is a connecting link between the students and career opportunities in marketing world. The Club strives to improve each member’s marketability in today’s highly competitive job market. A variety of events such as ad contests, brand war, marketing quizzes, seminars, workshops and other contests are conducted to promote student’s interest in the field of marketing. A marketing blog called MARKETRIX encourages the students to analyse the competitive marketing environment and publish articles in the blog.

“FIDES” – The Finance Club

“Fides” is a career focused student organization with the primary goal of effectively supporting students who are pursuing a career in finance. The executive team of the Finance Club aims to educate its members on the multitude of careers in finance, indicate recruiting timelines, expectations, and best practices, and offer a variety of interview preparation resources. The club along with the placement cell endeavours to facilitate career opportunities in finance and provide direction to its members along the way.

Fides holds events all through the year to enable the students to gain insights into the latest trends in the field of Finance. The activities ranging from stock trade games, seminars, Quizzes etc. are organised to enhance the essential skills required to mould successful Finance professionals for the corporate world

“Presidio” – The HR Club

The objective of the club is to create competent managers capable of making optimum use of the available work force and to instil in them the capability to adapt to the dynamic work environments in the organisation. The HR club ‘Presidio’ provides a platform for HR specialisation students to hone their people management skills and to increase their knowledge base. The club is designed to help students learn more about the Human Resource Management and what human resource professionals do.

Presidio holds events all through the year to enable the students to gain insights into the latest trends in the field of HR. The activities ranging from seminars, Quizzes, roleplays, games etc. are organised to enhance the essential skills required to mould successful HR professionals for the corporate world. The club promotes active participation of the students. The HR specialisation students take the lead in organising the events right from planning to execution of the events. This also helps the students to imbibe team-spirit and gives them an idea about the practical application of the HR Concepts.


Informatiq facilitates the holistic development of participants for evolving into team leaders with multidisciplinary perspective and domain expertise in systems. The main objective of IT club is to inculcate new trends and developments in IT fields especially in Business Management areas to our management students. The Club will organise educational visits to reputed Business organizations/industries and practical knowledge on latest software applications on Business Management imparted to them. The IT club ‘Informatiq’ provides a platform for IT specialisation students to hone their IT skills and to increase their knowledge base by organising various activities.

“Entrepreneurship Development Club”

The entrepreneurial culture is gaining momentum in the state. The start-up sector in Kerala is experiencing a significant change. As per the research it has been found that new ventures and businesses in software, IT/ITES sectors have been tremendously growing at all times. Recently there has been a change and young venture founders and start-ups have started exploring areas such as agriculture, biotechnology, healthcare etc. where the competition is very limited and they have found considerable potential for growth.

The club organises number of skill development programmes and competitions to create entrepreneurial culture among the students. It is acting as a link between student community and other national level institutions that support students to respond effectively to the emerging challenges and opportunities relating to SMEs and micro enterprises.