Papali Hall

Papali Hall is the main auditorium of the college where major formal and cultural events such as Convocation, Union Inauguration and Arts Day take place. The name ‘Papali Hall’ is in honour of the main sponsor of the building Mr.George Augustus Papali and his family who were instrumental in the construction of the auditorium.
The hall has a seating capacity of 1000 pax and it is equipped with high quality sound system and multiple entrance for the smooth passage of students, dignitaries and other audience. In 2019, the hall was renovated to give it a new look with the changing style in architecture.

Baccinelli Hall

Baccinelli Hall is the open auditorium of the college for students performances, where minor events and competitions are conducted. It doubles as an Indoor Sports Complex to practice and play badmintor, wrestling, judo, table tennis and the like. Programmes can be viewed from different parts of the college and the weekly ‘Friday Cultural Event’ turns the place into a happy arena for the culmination of each week.
The hall is named in honour of the first Apostolic Administrator of the Vicariate of Verapoly, Archbishop Bernardine Baccinelli, who established the idea of one or more schools to be attached to every church or a network of schools that was open to all sections of the society to impart secular education.

Board Room

The fully air-conditioned Round Table Conference Room is equipped to host Face to Face discussions and meetings. It serves as a multipurpose facility as required from time to time. Major decisions involving the management and staff are discussed in this room.

Bernard Hall

Bernard Hall hosts events of international repute, like the annual ‘Albertian Knowledge Summit’ and other conferences that draw eminent personalities from different fields to converge in consultation and knowledge sharing.
The fully air-conditioned hall is equipped with projector, high quality sound system and has two entrance/exit points.

Emmanuel Hall

Emmanuel Hall hosts talks, presentations and meetings by in-house lectures/professors, visiting lecturers/professors and other eminent personalities / speakers. Equipped with a projector, sound system, dais, the hall has a desk and chair capacity of 75.

Mellano Hall

A friendly and unimposing, walk-in room to hold staff meetings and casual/serious talks, popularly known as the Old Library. Eminent personalities to have delivered their point of view here include Tushar Gandhi, the great grandson of Mahatma Gandhi.